While planning my own wedding, I realized the need for professional on-site childcare. I had been a nanny for several years and had just completed my studies for a Master’s Degree, so I knew I had the expertise and knowledge to provide this service for other brides and their guests. In a short time, I had cared for dozens of children from all over the world while their parents attended events held at hotels, country clubs, mansions, and other reception venues. Since its inception in 2003, Newport Nannies, LLC has grown tremendously. We now have a staff of amazingly talented and creative women who are committed to providing the highest quality childcare for children of any age.

And now as a mom myself who travels with kids in tow from time to time, I value the importance of this service even more!

I am very proud to be the owner and director of Newport Nannies, LLC- the only company in Rhode Island that exclusively provides on-site childcare.

Jennifer DeLuise, Director